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June 4, 2013
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Loyalty's Charisma by DoomSp0rk Loyalty's Charisma by DoomSp0rk
Part 3 of a six-part art cycle that I'm doing for a certain project that I'm working on. Sufficed to say that each of the six pieces will feature one of the Mane Six and will depict abilities characteristic of the wielders of the Elements of Harmony.

Anyone may use this artwork for basically anything, just remember to let me know and give me credit. Thanks!

Also, free Llamas for particularly constructive comments. :)

UPDATE: Got featured on EQD! *yay [link]

(TLDR, Lore incoming)

"Loyalty's Charisma" is my attempt at a representation of the force of presence granted to the bearer of Loyalty, as well as Loyalty's strong connection to the sun. It has long been understood that Loyalty grants its bearer the power to inspire others, to convince them to follow the bearer into the darkest of situations. However, in addition to inspiration, Loyalty grants a few other things: The bearers of Loyalty are also able to instill fear and doubt in their enemies in much the same way that they inspire their allies. Loyalty also allows its user to surpass the physical limits of their body in moments of great need, giving rise to phenomenons like the Sonic Rainboom. All of this, however, pales in comparison to Loyalty's last gift: the Element of Loyalty can warp the fabric of reality itself. Bearers of Loyalty are renowned as great leaders because everything they do eventually works out. Loyalty changes the rules of probability, turning the most desperate and reckless of gambles into miraculous strategic victories. Bearers of Loyalty always win.

Other parts in this series:

PART 1: Magic's Might
PART 2: Generosity's Vision
PART 3: Loyalty's Charisma
PART 4: Kindness' Empathy
PART 5: Honesty's Intuition (Coming Soon)
PART 6: Laughter's Devotion (Coming Soon)
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Hey, Doom, me again, heheh. =P

Next to Magic's Might, this is probably my second-favorite artwork out of the set, mainly because RD is my favorite Mane 6 character, and you certainly do a good job of making her look awesome here. Love the thunderbolts shooting down from the clouds around her. Oh, and the cool glowing eyes; I thought that was something exclusive to Twilight, lol. XD

I like the bit about the Element of Loyalty's ability to inspire fear in its opponents, reminds me of the fearful presence given off by the dragons in the D & D universe. And the reality warping ability also sounds very interesting and badass sounding; I imagine that's the reason why no foreign nation like Zebrica or Griffonia have dared attempt an invasion of Equestria, it would just be doomed to failure once the EoL took to the field. :) 

While I don't have any lore-based question regarding the Element's abilities this time around, I do have one that's specific to a skill that RD possesses, that being her knowledge of close combat. We've seen in the show that she knows some style of hoof-to-hoof combat, which I like to term as 'mixed pegasus martial arts' in place of karate, as karate seems way too simplistic and limiting for a pegasus to use, not to mention the fact that it's a human form of marital arts. :P Which brings me to my question: do you think each of the different races of Equestria possess a unique close combat style that was developed by members of that race specifically for them, that would help take advantage of their natural abilities? Like say, would the earth ponies, zebras, griffons, and buffalo have their own unique styles of close-quarters combat they would train themselves in? 
DoomSp0rk Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely!  I've actually been throwing around ideas for a pony-based RPG, with three different modes of combat: hoof-to-hoof, weaponized, and magical.  As such I came up with combat styles for each of the three races.

[General] - The core mechanic of this hypothetical RPG was what I called the "Two Hoof System", whereby you could set up pairs of weapons to use.  "Weapons" included Hoof-to-Hoof styles, various melee (very few ranged) weapons, and various types of magic.  

Each race has a designated "Melee Tree" which is a series of unlockable Melee attacks that can be used by that race while Melee is equipped.  Note that having Melee double-equipped gives you two separate sets of abilities, so you can attack with Melee twice as fast.  (However you don't have any other weapons equipped if you do this.)  High level melee attacks may require you to double-equip Melee to use them, or may become more powerful when double-equipped.

[All Races] - the Melee tree has four branches: Punch, Burst, Stomp, and Kick.  "Punch" attacks are performed with the front legs and are high-powered, fast, and have considerable reach, but have little knockback, making them less effective for creating breathing room.  "Burst" attacks are upward jabs performed with the knee/elbow of the front leg which are low powered but incredibly effective at knocking back enemies if you're in a pinch.  "Stomp" attacks are downward "stomps" that can be performed with either the front or back legs that deal high damage but are only really effective when an enemy is "knocked back" or downed.  "Kick" attacks are performed with the back legs, and have a longer "casting time" and recharge time, but deal insane damage and knockback.

[Earth Ponies] - Earth Ponies rely on their superior strength, meaning that their attacks are relatively slower but deal more damage when they connect.  In addition, Earth Ponies have access to an extra set of melee abilities when double-equipping: "Bash".  "Bash" attacks use the earth pony's whole body as a weapon, providing them with several charge, tackle, and bodyslam attacks, as well as a few "blocking" options - moves which do not deal damage but can stop or deflect incoming attacks.

[Pegasi] - as you might guess, Pegasi are the fastest melee attackers, dealing more knockback per pound than the other two races.  This is no hindrance because they can easily close distance with their natural flight abilities.  In addition, Pegasus melee attacks recharge slightly faster than the other two races.  Last, Pegasi have access to the "Buffet" set of attacks, which are naturally all wing-based.  (Note that winged animals like geese can easily break a human leg with their wings.  Just sayin'.)  Buffet attacks do not have to be double-equipped, but are capable of extremely high damage output when they are.

[Unicorns] - Unicorns are physically the weakest of the three races.  As such, they do not have any dedicated double-equip melee abilities - all Unicorn melee attacks can be performed with Melee in only one of the two equip slots.  However, Unicorns are anything but weak.  Because their attacks are all "single-hoofed" so to speak, you can equip a Weapon or Magic style in your other slot, giving Unicorns an incredibly wide range of unique combination attacks.  For instance:  Flame punch.  Enough said.

Additional ideas:  when double-equipping Melee, high-leve Earth Ponies could "double attack", launching two simultaneous identical single-slot attacks, like Applebucking.  High-level Pegasi could have access to various dodge abilities (perhaps Buffet-attack based).  High-level Unicorns could have precise, surgical "stun" attacks aka Vulcan Nerve Pinch or Legend of Korra Chi-Blocker attacks.  Buffalo would use something similar to Earth Pony style attacks (with more Bash abilities), Griffons would be similar to Pegasi (more damage, less dodge), and Zebras would be similar to unicorns (with an emphasis on potion-aided combos and stun attacks). 
Wow, that all sounds really cool and thought out, man. So is this like a pen and paper RPG? What's the premise of the game itself?
DoomSp0rk Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have no idea!  My brain is just like, "shit, there should be a pony RPG" and then it spits out mechanics at me.  I don't even potato.
Ninja3lf Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol if that game existed, i would totally play it. ive been thinking about what a pony RPG would be like for a while now
wow this is so awesome doom /)^3^(\ and any new fic's in the working along the line of IDB:GOYD
DoomSp0rk Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There may or may not be a sequel that I am considering thinking seriously about doing at some point in the future. I have so much other stuff to do though... 8-|

Although Dangerous Business was not written by me.
FriendshipIsMetal777 Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sweet Celestia, this is epic.
12000 x 6157
adsdfdfgfhfarbl too many pixels
DoomSp0rk Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
FYI I have released useful desktop wallpaper-sized versions.  Here's the link to the Loyalty's Charisma background:
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